- A dinner will be hosted by Mr. Muhammad Yousuf former Chairman PFMA in the honour of Mr. Syed Johar Ali Qandhari Chairman KATI, Mr. Mian Mehmood Hasan Chairman PFMA and Choudhary Ansar Javed Member EC KCCI on October 8, 2010 at 8:30pm at Marriott Karachi.      Mr. Mian Mehmood Hasan and Mr. Saddruddin Noor Ali has been elected as Chairman and Vice Chairman PFMA for the term 2010-2011.      PFMA office will be shifted to new building in DHA Phase-1 soon.      Separators should be installed at all Flour Mills of Sindh - Chairman PFMA.       Plastic Bags should be used for Flour Packing - Chairman PFMA.
Membership Information PDF Print E-mail

Owner has to provide the following details.
  1. Name of Flour Mill.
  2. Email Address, Mailing Address, Phone Numbers of the Flour Mills.
  3. Owner, Partner, Private or Public Limited Company.
  4. Name of Owner / Partner.
  5. Copy of Computerized National Identity Card.
  6. Name of the Manager.
  7. Name of Authorized Person, who will attend the meetings of the Association.
  8. Total Roller Bodies installed in the Flour Mill.
  9. Grinding Capacity in 24 Hours.
  10. Copy of the approved Site Plan.
  11. Copy of the approved Electric Power.
  12. Copy of the Food Grain License.
  13. Verification from Two Flour Mills regarding installation of the Mill.
  14. Signature and Stamp of the Mill Owner.
  15. Membership will be granted subject to the submission of the above information on the prescribed Form in URDU.
  16. The Membership Fees will be Rs. 25,000/-